Watercolour of a woman surounded by candles and a cat on quilts inspired by Sonia Delaunay
Watercolour of a woman making a quilt inspired by Mary Lee Bendolph
Watercolour of despondent women eating pasta and salad with orange wine on a checked tablecloth
Watercolour of a couple trying wedding cake on quilts inspired by Mary Lee Bendolph
Watercolour of a woman picnicking by a swimming pool


Watercolours inspired by the amazing works of Mary Lee Bendolph and Sonia Delaunay, and traditional quilts from the Amish community.



Little squares and rectangles and objects. Meditating on watercolour paper, plus checking I can still draw.

Watercolour of a blue and pink pattern with a key and sunglasses
watercolour of a swimming pool with patterned tiles
watercolour of a blue swimming pool by a green house
watecolour of a broan and blue pattern with a shell and a leek
watercolour of a grey and brown pattern with a chair and a fig


Tiles and water and shadows, and some lonely swimmers.

watercolour of a pink swimming pool with grey tiles
watercolour of a red swimming pool with green and blue tiles